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Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

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Childhood and Early Life
*He was born on March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland, to Prof. Alexander Melville Bell and his wife Eliza Grace Symonds. He had two brothers-Melville James Bell and Edward Charles Bell-both of whom died of tuberculosis.
*His father taught elocution to the deaf and had developed what is called the 'Visible Speech' system to help deaf children learn to speak. He received most of his early education from his mother who was an unusually gifted painter and pianist, despite her deafness.
*Throughout his childhood, he spent a short period of time in traditional educational institutions including Edinburgh's Royal High School, which he left at the age of 15.
*He initially attended the University of Edinburgh and then the University College, London, England, but did not receive a formal education comparable to his peers in Victorian Britain.
*In 1870, after the death of two of his brothers, the Bell family moved to Canada for the sake of his health. Expanding on his father's work of teaching deaf people to communicate, he began working on transmitting telephonic messages.


  As a young child, Bell, like his brothers, received his early schooling at home from his father. At an early age, he was enrolled at the Royal High School, Edinburgh, Scotland, which he left at the age of 15, having completed only the first four forms. His school record was undistinguished, marked by absenteeism and lacklustre grades. His main interest remained in the sciences, especially biology while he treated other school subjects with indifference, to the dismay of his demanding father.  
  Upon leaving school, Bell travelled to London to live with his grandfather, Alexander Bell. During the year he spent with his grandfather, a love of learning was born, with long hours spent in serious discussion and study. The elder Bell took great efforts to have his young pupil learn to speak clearly and with conviction, the attributes that his pupil would need to become a teacher himself.
  At the age of 16, Bell secured a position as a "pupil-teacher" of elocution and music, in Weston House Academy at Elgin, Moray, Scotland. Although he was enrolled as a student in Latin and Greek, he instructed classes himself in return for board and £10 per session. The following year, he attended the University of Edinburgh; joining his older brother Melville who had enrolled there the previous year. In 1868, not long before he departed for Canada with his family, Bell completed his matriculation exams and was accepted for admission to University College London.


Alexander Graham Bell is best known for his invention of the telephone. While trying to discover the secret to transmitting multiple messages on a single wire, Bell heard the sound of a plucked string along some of the electrical wire. One of Bell’s assistants, Thomas A. Watson, was trying to reactivate a telephone transmitter. After hearing the sound, Bell believed he could send the sound of a human voice over the wire. After receiving a patent on March 7, 1876, for transmitting sound along a single wire, he successfully transmitted human speech on March 10. Bell’s telephone patent was one of the most valuable patents ever issued.

Major Works
*He is most famous for his pioneering work on the development of the telephone. He worked with Thomas Watson, his assistant, on the design and patent of the first practical telephone.
*Many other inventions marked his later life including the refinement of the phonograph. His other exceptional works were in the field of hydrofoils and aeronautics. In all, he held 18 patents in his name alone and 12 that he shared with collaborators.
*He was one of the founders of the National Geographic Society in 1888 and served as its president from 1896 to 1904.


*In 1872, he founded 'School of Vocal Physiology and Mechanics of Speech' in Boston, where he taught elocution to his pupils. In 1873, he was appointed the professor of Vocal Physiology and Elocution at the Boston University School of Oratory.
*While pursuing his teaching profession, he conducted his research to perfect the harmonic telegraph, so as to transmit several telegraph messages simultaneously over a single wire. Alongside, he was also drawn towards another idea of ​​transmitting the human voice over wires.
*In 1874, he hired an assistant, Thomas Watson, a skilled electrician, who developed the tools and instruments he needed to continue the project. Over the subsequent years, they formed a great partnership and labored on both the ideas, the harmonic telegraph and a voice transmitting device.
*On March 10, 1876, he produced the first intelligible telephone call, when he summoned his assistant, with words that Bell transcribed in his lab notes as "Mr. Watson-come here-I want to see you ". Watson heard his first phone call.
*A legal battle ensued with inventor Elisha Gray who claimed his invention of the telephone predated Bell's; The US Supreme Court ruled in Bell's favor and subsequently 'Bell Telephone Company' was formed in 1877.
*By 1883, he created the technology for the Graphophone and other early sound recording equipment, including a magnetic recording technology that was an early form of tape recording.
*Towards the end of the 19th century on the subject of transport and recording to transport technologies. He developed a passion for air travel and helped to establish the Aerial Experiment Association in 1907.

Pursuing His Passion in His Final Years
By all accounts, Alexander Graham Bell was not a businessman and by 1880 began to turn business matters over to Hubbard and others so he could pursue a wide range of inventions and intellectual pursuits. In 1880, he established the Volta Laboratory, an experimental facility devoted to scientific discovery. He also continued his work with the deaf, establishing the American Association to Promote Teaching of Speech to the Deaf in 1890.
Bell died peacefully on August 2, 1922, at his home in Baddeck on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, on August 2, 1922. The entire telephone system was shut down for one minute in tribute to his life.

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Friendship Poetry

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There is always time for us There is always a way for us There is always hope for us

However ... Is there time for our friend? Is there any way to get back with them? Are our desires in line with their thinking?

There must be time we can be together 
There must be a story in laughter 
There must be a history of joy and sorrow

No need to ignore what's in front of us 
Do not underestimate what we do not have 
No need to be jealous of what they achieve

We just need to create something different from them 
We just need to change the world with our friendship 
For you I am there and always here 
Although time is no longer together and side with us 
Although the story has different direction and purpose 
But we remain one forever 
Because we are friends forever ....

Our Friendship isn't a big thing. It's a million little things


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For the Idul Fitri holiday, my College giving the holiday time for one week. So this time I have plan go to Jakarta and decided to stay at my aunt house during the holiday. Knowing me want come to Jakarta, my Aunt already plan to bring me (along with her family too) visit Bandung exactly at Lembang because that place is a new tourist attraction. We will go to there on Sunday so i decided to buy my flight ticket one day before that which is on 24 June.
My sister and aunt picked me up when I arrived at airport. Previously we have planned to go Bandung for 3 days and we will leave early in the morning by car. We start the trip at 5.30am and it need around 4 hours to arrived at Bandung.
Our destinition in Bandung is Lembang because there is a popular place named The Lodge Maribaya.

Bamboo Tree

For the next 2 days we only stroll around Bandung, looking for their unique culinary, buy some cookies in Bandung popular Bakery at Kartika Sari and go shopping. Then we leave Bandung and back to Jakarta.

The rest of the day for my holiday I spend in Jakarta. It really an interesting and great holiday.

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History of Bakcang Day

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Hello, two days ago exactly on 30 June I just celebrated one of Chinese tradition which is Bakcang Day, so I wanna share a bit about the history of that day.

Bakcang Day in the West is known as Dragon Boat Festival or Dumpling Festival. Because, boat races are shaped like dragons and consumption of rice cakes are the two main elements of this festival. It can also be called Double Fifth Festival because it is held on 5-month day 5 Chinese lunar calendar. Sometimes also called the Extreme Festival Yang because according to Chinese metaphysics, in Hari Bakcang is the day where Yang energy comes out most strongly. Other titles for Bakcang Day are the Fifth Month Festival, Festival of the Fifth Day, Summer Festival, and Duan Wu Festival. The day of eating this Bakcang is related to the Chinese historical figure named Qu Yuan .

History of Qu Yuan
The most popular in Hari Bakcang is that day is closely related to a historical figure named Qu Yuan (340 BC - 278 BC) who is a Patriotic Scholar and minister in Chu country. Qu Yuan is favored because he is good at cooperating diplomatically with other kingdoms in order to fight the aggression of the Qin state. 

Until one day, he was vilified and thrown into exile after another corrupt minister convinced the king to believe in the false accusations against Qu Yuan. In 278 BC, Qu Yuan heard that Qin's army invaded Ying (the capital of Chu), he wrote the Lamentations poem for Ying, then he immersed himself in the Miluo River. The suicide ritual was carried out to protest the corruption that led to the fall of Chu state. 

According to the story, villagers were trying to find his body in the river by boat. They rowed the boat while hitting the drums to scare the fish and evil spirits so as not to disturb the body of Qu Yuan. They also throw rice wrappers into the river to eat fish and fish do not eat Qu Yuan's body. The throwing of the rice wrap was also intended as an offering for the Qu Yuan spirit. 
There is also another story which says that Qu Yuan appeared in the dreams of his friends and told them that he had committed suicide by drowning and they had to throw the rice wrapped in silk into the river to calm the dragon river. Thus, this led to the traditional racing of dragon boat races and eating rice cakes on the anniversary of Qu Yuan's death which falls every 5-month day 5 Chinese lunar calendar.

Tradition Eat Bakcang

The tradition of eating Bakcang is officially made as one of the activities in the Peh Cun festival. Based on historical records, in the time of Qun Chiu (722 - 481 S.M.), using leaves to wrap the rice beef-shaped horns also have a bamboo tube filled with rice closed tightly and baked until cooked, called "Bakcang Tabung". This is arguably the forerunner of Bacang. The shape of the vessel is actually also diverse and what we see now is just one of many shapes and types of Bakcang earlier. 

In Taiwan, in the latter days of the Ming Dynasty, the form of a shake brought by the migrants from Fujian is spiraled, somewhat with the triangular prisms we see today. The filling of  Bakcang also various and not just meat. There are filled with vegetables, some are made small but without the filling that are then eaten together with serikaya jam or sweet sugar. On the 5th (Chinese Lunar Calendar), during the summer eating cake for cooling the body that made from rice, wrapped in leaves and cooked to mature, the fragrance smells unique, after eating it can neutralize the heat and lower the fire properties in the body, Digestion, indeed a season-appropriate food. At that time, people changed the dry season and put the light and cool. Judging from the tradition of dressing and eating, Duan Wu (Bakacang) day is considered to have a close relationship with the arrival of the dry season, of course there is also truth.

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Harry Potter

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This time I wanna share about my favorite Novel also Movie which is Harry Potter.This novel is one that never make me bored even though have read and watch many times over and over again

Let's get start it :D

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels composed by English writer J. K. Rowling. This novel tells about the adventures of a teenage wizard named Harry Potter and his best friend, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, who are students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. The core story in these novels centers on Harry's attempt to defeat the evil black wizard named Lord Voldemort, who is ambitious to be an immortal being, conquer the wizarding world, master the non-magicians, and destroy anyone who blocks his path, especially Harry Potter.

This novel tells of Harry Potter, an orphan boy who at the age of eleven knows that he is a magician, lives in a wizarding ordinary world, or Muggle. His magical abilities are innate and he is invited to attend a school that teaches about his skills and Magic knowledge. Harry later became a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, and there most of the novel's story took place. At Hogwarts, Harry through his teenage years, he learns to overcome the various problems he faces: magic, social and emotional, including ordinary teen issues such as love, friendship, and school exams, as well as the greatest test to prepare him for the confrontation that lies ahead.

In the first chapter of the first novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, it is told that extraordinary events have taken place in the wizarding world, a very remarkable event, even the Muggles see the signs. The background of this extraordinary event and the figure of Harry Potter is expressed gradually throughout the series. After the introductory chapter, the novel story jumps years later, just before the eleventh anniversary of Harry Potter, and at this point, the background of Harry Potter begins to unfold.

Harry's first contact with the wizarding world was through a half-giant human named Rubeus Hagrid, guard and caretaker at Hogwarts. Hagrid reveals about Harry's past history.
Through Hagrid's story, Harry learns that when he was a baby, he witnessed the murder of his parents by a wicked black magician named Lord Voldemort, who then also attempted to kill him. For unknown reasons, the spell that Voldemort shot to kill Harry turned to him. Harry survived by leaving a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead as evidence of the attack, and Voldemort disappeared. After surviving Voldemort's attack, Harry becomes a living legend in the wizarding world. However, on the orders of a distinguished and famous wizard named Albus Dumbledore, Harry the orphan was entrusted to his unpleasant Muggle relative, the Dursleys. The Dursleys were willing to take care of Harry, but decided to keep secret things magically from him in the hope that Harry would grow "normal".

With Hagrid's help, Harry prepares to live his first year at Hogwarts. Harry began to explore the wizarding world, readers will be introduced at various major locations used throughout the series. Harry meets most of the main characters in the series, including two figures who would later become his best friends: Ron Weasley, a wizard from a pure, ancient but poor wizarding family, and Hermione Granger, an intelligent magician from a non-magical or Muggles. At Hogwarts, Harry also meets the potion guru Severus Snape, who shows his hatred and dislike of Harry. The first book plot concludes with a second confrontation between Harry and Lord Voldemort; Voldemort seeks to regain immortality by gaining power from the Sorcerer's Stone, the substance that gives him eternal life, and Harry and his friends try to thwart it.

Harry Potter's novels classified into the genre of fantasy literature, however, in many ways these novels can also be categorized as transitional age novels, and also contain elements such as mystery, adventure, thriller, and romance. Harry Potter is considered part of the story of a boarding school of children in England.

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          One day there is a man stranded in a dessert with thirst condition. So, he try to find something to drink by walking through cliff and a few moment later he found his way to forest. Somehow he found a small puddle of water and drink it but suddenly he go back to the dessert.
For what happened just now he looks very confuse but he try again to come back to the forest in order he can drink, when he drink he disappears immediately back to desert. For the third times, the man don't care for the puddle and walk pass through it until find out a street.
          Then a car pass through the street and that man stop it to be able to ride into the city together with the driver. The driver sees the man is very thirsty and give him a bottle of water when the man drink he come back to dessert again. For the fourth times he walk pass through jungle, found street, ask for ride without drink anymore. 
When he arrives at home, while he lay down to the couch he see a drop of water come out from sink and make him take a glass to fill it with water and adding ice cube. At the first the man seems doubt so he try to drink the water with dipping his finger and try for 3 times nothing happen so he drink a glass of that water. When he look at swimming pool he jump into it for a moment nothing happen but then he go back to the desert again.
          After passing the long journey and back to city, he sit by the side of road. He remember what happen when there is an old man asking for water to him but he refuse to give it. Then a woman with her dog and a bottle of water pass through the road. Man ask the woman for water but she say this water for my dog, just go to bathroom and suddenly the woman disappear and strand to desert.

Never ever refuse to helping someone who need one. Because like the story above what we sow is what we get.

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The Story of Goats

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There are two donkeys and each of them is connected with a rope around their neck. Then in both opposite directions there is a stack of grass. The donkeys notice the food (grass). They approach the grass but with different way, one to left and one to the right. But strangely they can't reach the grass.
So they try one more time with all of the strength but still can not reach it. Suddenly the donkeys realize, they are tied with rope. Finally they agreed to go some direction in order they can eat the grass even to both sides.

What can we get from this story is we need the same purpose in the teamwork to reach the goal if not we never can  achieve what we want.

Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

Childhood and Early Life * He was born on March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland, to Prof. Alexander Melville Bell and his wife Eliza Grac...


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